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Ongoing Education

CWA will work with destinations to host annual marketing conference/symposium on the business of Destination Weddings & Honeymoons.

CWA will also host regional symposiums/workshops leading to Wedding Planner Certification courses. These workshops can be an adjunct to member governments’ already existing forums.


Content Marketing Reigns Supreme, but What Drives Conversions?

All the experts say content is key, but what channels and which campaigns give your brands traction and drive conversions at every step of the customer journey – especially in destination?

  • What’s the best type of content to sell your destination wedding and honeymoon product? User-generated, 3rdparty or  branded
  • Video, text, image … what formats work for which type of travel product or service?
  • Cut through the clutter and  learn what content is meaningful and engaging to customers, when they are in your destination
  • Get fit for purpose on smart phones and tablets with  mobile-optimized content
  • Learn how to upsell your product with engaging visual content

Manage Your Brand Message Through Innovative Social Media and Digital Storytelling

People don’t buy into brands, they buy into a story. See why creating a destination wedding and honeymoon brand message that resonates with your audience is a lasting solution.

  • Learn how to create a story around your product that drives emotion and engagement
  • How do you measure the effectiveness of surprising and delighting customers to drive marketing and life time value?
  • What type of social media promotions for destination weddings and honeymoons really work? What will make your destination or hotel look stand out from the others?

An Insight into Millennial and How to Convert them to Loyal Customers

The new generation of engaged couples don’t value your brands, they want unique experiences. Understand how to structure and really sell your product by creating marketing that plays to the expectations of these highly connected couples.

Winning Web Strategies: Learn How Intelligent Website Design Leads to Increased Customer Engagement and Boosts Desktop Conversions.

Traditional digital media cannot be ignored in 2016.  Website design is as important as ever as engaged couples face information overload and struggle to differentiate your brand from competitors when planning their destination wedding or honeymoon.

  • How can you optimize the user experience and make consumers convert on desktop devices?
  • Understand how to develop a personalized  web experience to target the hesitant couple and  encourage brand loyalty
  • Learn how your website content and design will help you  differentiate your destination wedding and honeymoon products and climb up the search rankings


Marketing Resources & Tools

  • Complete Marketing Analysis of the Wedding & Honeymoon Market.
  • Access to information on developing your creative.
  • Information on the Health and Wellness industry.
  • Detailed information on service providers.
  • How to effectively buy bridal media.
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Industry Insights

  • CWA Blog will provide members with articles filled:
  • Tips on improving guest service
  • *Latest island wedding trends
  • *Member profiles
  • *Special offers
  • *Upcoming training opportunities
  • *Bridal etiquette
  • *Latest trends, surveys & results in the North American market

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