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This is an opportunity you do not want to miss as strategic learning experience from webinars is crucial to update your partners and stay informed.  There is a myriad of subjects that any destination/hotel can be a sponsor of:

What Should Your Destination Wedding App Do?

More suppliers realize the advantages of a dedicated app. A mobile-optimized site works wonders for appealing to the mobile crowd, but have apps already begun to dominate this space?

  • Apps are moulding consumer behaviour allowing for on demand services. How can you capitalize on this, increasing upstream communication from your guests?
  • Proven ways to up sell services pre and post trip by increasing loyalty. Considering the wedding party’s intent and context, how is this model working?
  • Get the facts to improve interaction with the entire wedding party with a functional app and how to balance exciting features with usability.
  • Inspire Your Mobile Customers When They Are Ready To Buy Using Micro Moments
  • ‘Micro Moments’ require only a glance to identify and deliver quick information that you can either passively consume or act on immediately. How can you utilize these to drive destination wedding and honeymoon engagement?
  • Anticipate micro-moments for your engaged couples and their families, be present when they are deciding to buy
  • Don’t just try and sell more things, make your mobile offering useful to drive engagement
  • They’re called micro-moments for a reason. Learn how to make your mobile experience fast and friction less

Create the Ultimate Mobile User Experience for Destination Wedding Guests, from Search to Post-Trip

In the past year alone, websites in the US have seen 20% increase in mobile share of online sessions, but 18% less time spent per visit. How should this shape your mobile presence?

  • Understand the techniques and features you can deploy to make the mobile user experience as seamless as possible
  • Learn which content and information you should prioritize for mobile, allowing you to better allocate budget in smarter mobile-focused online marketing
  • Explore why you must ensure a smooth payment and checkout experience to accommodate new trends in booking behaviors.

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